Hour Of Darkness...

i really am all alone, i spend endless days sat in front of this computer with nobody around for love or support, i feel like life is pointless and wonder if this is how things should be , i have no money i am on the sick,why is life so damn tough , i feel helpless and envy the people i went to school with who are friends on facebook they have kids , husbands other family and friends. i just have nothing but an abyss of emptyness. glad i have the internet it occupies me at least.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

I cannot offer support other than writing to each other and starting a friendship that way. I know it is still over the internet but I'm sure we could chat about our lives etc. as I'm sure we live at opposite ends of the world. I have my family around me but would love to communicate and tell someone about my family and what we do etc. and where we live and our interests. My wife is a great person too so she could chat too, so if you would like to communicate drop us a message at benwood2020@hotmail.com. If you dont wish to communicate thats ok and I wish you all the best and a life well lived.

Try finding just 1 reason or activity that forces you to leave the house each week, and interact with people.<br />
Just start from there and become more active if / when you feel ready, and eventually you will find someone.. or they will find you :)