The Hard (life)way...

Wow, it's long time ago I wrote something here. The last time I logged in, I was really, really lonely... But it made me happy to see that there are people reading my stuff &'nd took me serious. I want to thank them all for this special attention, that means much to me.

I found that special someone for the conversations I wished for. It's something 'perfect'. &'nd I'm really happy about it.

I was wondering if your therapies go well. I want to cheer you up. Everyone here. Because no matter what you do, the loneliness will show up from time to time. But I think there is always a way to overcome all these sad hours. So keep fighting &'nd don't lose faith in yourselves.... Because everyone can be wonderful, everyone deserves to be happy, because everyone can be strong enough.

If someone wants to message me; you can send me a mail:; it's because I don't spend that much time on the net, but I don't want to leave anyone alone here. So feel free to send me a mail, if you feel lonely again :)
Hachenx3 Hachenx3
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012