I Hate It

It kills me that i am wishy washy. Then when i do finally come to a decision i am easily swayed or just don't stick with it. How can anyone take me seriously when i am not even strong in my own convictions. The problem is i don't know how to fix it because i guess i am never really 100 percent confident in my decisions.

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yeah i'm not going to change. i have made some good choices. i have a great career and a lot of friends its just the whole marraige thing that i suck at. but noones perfect right! lol

we all fail sometimes...you will make the right decision I am sure of it...

i guess i am so scared of failure that i tend to doubt myself all the time.

thanks for paying attention quickie baby!

I think impulsive is go that is your first decision so go with and stick to it....right or wrong you will learn from it ( I believe you said that in another story of yours) your words I believe

maybe. at least you don't wallow in your mistake. at least you are big enough to admit you are wrong. i have always seen it as that. but i do envy those people that can just come up with what works for them one time and stick to it. i sometimes take a long time to figure out what i truly want because everything looks pretty to me initially.

I don't think there is anything wrong with re-evaluating a decision - if you make a snap decision and later reverse it then that is just good judgement!

what happens with me is that sometimes i react too quick, because i am very impulsive. then later on i am like thats not what i really want to do so i try to correct it. in that instance people really think i don't know what i want and that i am all over the place. its normally not three or four decisions its just two that i ponder over. then if i try to not be impulsive and think longer before i act i really seem indecisive because i am taking too long. i am trying to find a happy medium between impulsiveness and delaying things incredibly.

Sometimes people find it difficult to make decision or make up their minds and it usually caused by depression or stress related desease, and of cause it kills and that does not give anyone a right to take you for granted, what u can do is to decide on something once u reach that phase of taking decision right ur decision down and plan when u want to take them and when the day ends go to ur book and see how many decision u stick to and how many u didnt and why u didnt

I am the most decisive person I know. At least, I think I am. Or maybe..... No, I'm definitly decisive, I think, at least maybe I am, and maybe I'm not. I wish I could make up my mind that I'm very decisive, that is, if I actually am!? You're right though. It is a confidence thing, though it's not something that should stop those that know you from taking you seriously. It's O.K. to consider other opinions, and other sides to stories. And yes, I have the same problem.<br />
All the best, Paddo.<br />
P.S. Thank you for your kind words.