This Or That?

Do I want to be his/her friend or don't I? Do I want to forgive them or do I not? Do I really feel that way or don't I? Did I mean to say that or was I just mad? Do I really care or am I trying to? Do I want to leave or do I want to stay? Maybe I am bipolar. Or maybe everyone else is and because they are having mood swings, it just happens to affect me as well. Maybe I am influenced too much. psh! me? influenced by others? maybe a little. but not for anything big. For instance, I clash with someone and they clash with me. But sometime we just have a really good time, we can have small talk and be okay, but then it is like when other people are around this 'someone' suddenly is a *****, has a bad attitude and acts like 'they' never had such a happy moment in their life while maybe two minutes ago we were sharing movie stories and all that good stuff. So is it fair for me to blame it on everyone else or should I blame it myself for surrounding myself with such idiots? When those good times are there, I am having a blast, but when those good times aren't there (which is ALLL the time) I just want to leave, I want to get away. But it is my home. Where the hell am I supposed to go?
LosingIt LosingIt
22-25, F
Apr 5, 2007