This Is The Way I Am

When I was young age, I had been wanting to move out from my parents. I still remember how felt good to live by myself when I finally moved. From that day till now, I am independent both financially and mentally. Being independent is the same as being free for me. I owe nothing to anyone so nobody complain about me for what I do. I have my own decision, I go my own way in fair manner. And I'm not afraid of being alone. I love to have good company but I don't really like spend all the time with them. I need my own space/time when I want.

A few month ago, I met a guy who was my friend of friend and I start to get contact with him. He asked me to marry on the first date(@_@) He made a plan where we go for the next date every time we went on a date, and mail me every day. I kept up with him as I posibily could. It wasn't comfortable because WE WERE JUST FRIENDS but I felt like tied down from him and he didn't realize that. Furthermore, he often asked me to live with him at his house. So finally, I told him, I can't be his miss right, he should find some other woman who can do what he want. His answer; "I wanted someone who cook for me". I was like, I'm not a housekeeper!

I was said by a lot of men " I like independent woman". But I haven't met anyone who knows how to respect independent woman like me.
MissTiara MissTiara
Jul 22, 2010