My First Premonition

I was 19 years old pregnant with my first son I was taking a bath. Sitting in the bath tub relaxing, my ex husband came in the bathroom and said he was going to his friends house for an hour. All of a sudden I saw a flashing vision of a an apartment. I saw flames going up the curtain..I felt something bad. I didn't tell him what I saw because I didn't really think anything of it. But I told him " I don't have a good feeling about you going". He said why not. I just said no just say stay here I don't think its a good idea. He said okay.

The next day my ex husband went to work. he called me at the house from work and told me his friends apartment's was caught on fire and thank God he didn't come by. When he said that I was in complete shock and I knew that was some type of warning.  Two weeks later we dropped his friend off at his apartment and the place looked identical to the place I saw in my vision.
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4 Responses May 28, 2010

hey don't worry its come in, while sleeping as our brain doesn't sleep or rest at so bcoz of the stress and all other thought that roams around daily . and thus this causes to make a vision, i too have same thing from long time ...but nothing had happened yet ....

Hmm... I wonder if it has to do with one's heritage as things sometimes come to me too...

Can you control it? I cant ...Mine started round 20yrs old. It started as vivid dreams as I was sleeping. But now they "flash" in my eyes at any time. Its mostly bad things. I call it my curse.I want it to stop...

Have you seen anything else recently? I have my premonitions as flashes during early mornings,,,<br />
<br />
I know other ESP's and we all seem to see more thing at the same time ... wondering if it is like that for you?