I searched for this group of malayalees. But by searching members in this i was disappointed to see that most people in this group r blocking others from viewing their profile and most do n't have added friends.
I hope that u would add me.
Deepcsan Deepcsan
18-21, M
11 Responses Dec 8, 2010

come on be my friend

hy...I'm a malayalee too

I realy like you to be my friend.

Because malayalees are hypocrites They don't want to see their dark sides.I am communicating with many people.But not malayalees.

hey deep...

Me too, guys read my story

hi guys me too...sandosham

Hi I am a Malayalee, maybe better to use an older term Travancorean. I am open to friendship and discussions.

Hello guys and girls another mall here. But again with an adult profile ;) Message me if that is an accepted norm for you. I live in US.

Actually its not that people are hiding their profile. Many members are under 18 and their profiles are automatically inaccessible by 18+ profiles and moreover some deleted/inactive profiles keep showing up in the groups.

There are malayalees. But most of them hide their profile from others. But lucky to find one like u.