im indian malayalee a true dravidian a man who lost his roots an expat a rolling stone a man who wants to define himself the cliched man with dark skin and beard a man who introspects a man who forgets his present inorder to have a future but im incapable of either but still life goes on like a dilemma on and on and on but at the end im sure there will be a field where ill have true solace where ill enlighten the journey to the true light my beard still grows i read read read but im nowhere im lost in this busy world in the hot desert of middle east in the tropical mist in the snowy commonwealth im lost forever still my journey goes on and on and on finally ill reach the road to nowhere an expat does not have any choices i forgot to live i forgot to love i forgot every tune that i had in me the nectar of life is insipid take offs and landings transits short haul long haul boarding pass immigration the journey will end one day from where it began but im lost all my dreams are shattered my heart bleeds the red sea has my blood in it
ar7739 ar7739
22-25, M
Mar 23, 2016