India Is Not Poor Country Its Progressing...............very Fast

I think here nobody from real India and nobody here belong to India. All
look like come in this group just by mistaken in thought that I right? but its not Indiana... its about India. a
few fact about India. India come under Asia continent.. Second largest
populated country in world. and biggest democratic country in
can assume Bangladesh and Pakistan was also part of it. If you combined
then how big it will?.....but its not possible . 80% of population here
Hindu. rest in 20% all religion like Muslim Cristian come. You can think
what make India popular in world even India not a very much advanced
country like USA and European union country but I think in Asia after
China India is county that every body know. India developing very fast
I am living here and watching what it was and what now I can see
difference.If you come and see here slum and beggar in big city like
Delhi and Mumbai its not means here too much poorness that not make
India poor its like style poor people also able to live in big city due
to their lack of skills and talent they can't make money like one
educated and talented people can do......if here i make rule like no
poor in big city then you can say me India is rich country?I can't say
am very develop country but we are still developing in many way and
making impact in world. we now here big outsourcing destination in
world. we are very good in software technology. here all multinational
company have office in India. we have a lot of job. If you can say a lot
of Indian is poor and unemployed. Poorness and unemployed both every
where even in America a lot of poor people live so you can America is
poor country not you will not due to there not more population of poor.
people say what majority of people like.. if more people is poor then
its poor country and if less people is poor is a rich company but that
true poor people everywhere in world. you can't make poor less country.
so we aware about we have a lot of poor people here but number of poor
people reducing here time by time you reduce that thing in one day that
will take time and we have to keep patience to be develop ya can say we
have big population that a load but people educated now and that thing
keeping in mind small family happy family.... so we Indian will shine
one day in world........ we in progress to make impact on world we did
little bit but have to do a lot.............

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I m from real India and I love to being naked

It's nice to see such proud Indians. Yes, there are things we have to be proud of. <br />
But,<br />
there is a LOOOOONG way yet to go. We will attain greatness only when we humble ourselves, recognise our shortcomings and learn from others who have done it better. I find this attitude sadly lacking!<br />
A Ghandhiji kind of humility is much called for!

Its so vibrant going from west to east....north and south....theres huge difference...the food language dressing!!<br />
<br />
I remember i met an american in a flight....he says he's amazed to see how poor and rich people live nxt to each other without any problem!!!<br />
<br />
And also education is one more thing to be focussed on...when we can be worlds 2nd fastest growing economy with just 65 % of us literate...and 30% of us r still below poverty line.....jst imagine where we would be when we overcome those problems!!<br />
<br />
I may sound a bit egoistic...but its nothing lik that its just the love 4 my country INDIA !!!

Definately proud to be an Indian....<br />
Things which im proud of--<br />
1)Our culture...the suuport of your family....language's spoken(There are 22 official languages and 398 living languages in India) so many dance forms!!!<br />
2)we r the 2nd fastest growing economy in the world.(Even at the time of recession our GDP is somwhere around 9%).<br />
3)India has the largest english sreaking population in the world....thanx to our 108 crores population.<br />
4)indian girls...i would say they r not that hot as in america or europe...but they r beautiful.(Indian and venezuela share the highest no. of Miss Universe titles total 5)<br />
Things whih i dislike--<br />
1) has reduced in gr8 still there...we need to do alot in that matter.(Before britishers invaded india somwhere in 1850's India was one of the richest and most prosperous country....Nawab(king) of hyderabad was the richest man in the world......the only problems was britishers were well equipped than us in arms and ammunation)<br />
2)Corrupt Politicians<br />
3)Lack of civic sense!!!...need to do alot about it!!

wowowow!!! impressed you wrote so wonderfull about India.. am so happy to hear & accept this that no doubt , India is among rapidly developing countries, every country is a poor country more or less, but the thing is to over come over weak areas & get progress & achieve better position in the world. No doubt, in last of couple of years, India has made a huge impact on world economy.Its literacy rate is also inclining swiftly, govt is getting improved alot , technology & medical fields are also got lot better now....Good luck india!!

Hello fellow indian. <br />
<br />