Its Disappointing

what is happening to people in this group.... whenever i see a new story....its all about some sought of dirt.....related to $ u guys read the name of the group before posting such stories.....if u really wanna post something....let it b some good and healthy material..... in a group which is representing ur birthplace, ur country....u r posting such stories.... its ur motherland where u r posting it....

i just wanted to express my disappointment after reading these stories....i would like to request other members who also dont like all this to help to clean the group....

- just an Indian citizen
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I agree with you.

You are right.

Agree with you...
People should use common sense and be

Lets hope for the best :-)

even i thought i had come to wrong place

i agree with you

absolutely ryt

I feel ashamed to join this group


People have lost morals. There is no fear of God in them. Atleast a sense of pride and responsibility should be there in each India-n (male or female) who posts an article here. Jesus Christ (The Bible) said a little leaven, will leaven the whole dough (flour mixture), so the immoral conduct of few (handful) India-n's gives wrong impression of India / India-n's to non-India-n's.
Romans 3:18 (The Bible), “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

you shd not bother abt those comments jus move on... and there are more things you shd be bothered rather the things happening on ep

Then why d hell hav u stopped here to comment.....u keep moving forward!

i just came to tell to move on ..... and i m moving on.....

i would make a badass comment , but i am too depressed

I m totally agree with you

I wish Characters like you take rule over our country.!

Lol...hope u arent joking

No i am not joking and really now a days this fact is becoming true with most of the boys who are joining social sites!

Yeah....true :(

Truly patriotic.!

i am one of the Indian who writes these point is, for me EP is a place where i can share what i cant share with anyone i know...<br />
i do agree with the point that stories should be posted in correct groups...<br />
but all my thoughts ,experiences, and stories are not meant do disrespect my country in any way.i am a proud Indian.and always will be.

what we can and should do is flag them off.

Totally agree with you. When I see such stuffs feel very disappointed.

that's why i am out of here!

i guess there could be other groups where that stuff can be posted

Thats what my point is....that stuff should not b posted here....idk why people post such stupid *adult* stories here!

Your post made me smile. I'm not Indian however I appreciate your efforts to keep India's image clean. :-)

lols... i laughed after reading your post.......... but somehow i like it... keep up the good work of saving indian country's image on EP........ i really liked it ..... keep it up.. god bless you with all his grace....

thanks a lot.... :)