Why We Stare At Girls

A strange thing that all girls (specially Indian) notice on puberty is "being stared by guys". If there are boys, some pairs of eyes are surely fixed on them. Beautiful girls in india are always in BigBoss’s house. Live cameras observes them constantly. Initially they may enjoy it as it may give them a feeling of importance but when they get this special attention. But anything in excess, looses its value and that’s true for boys attention also. Soon the lovely attention of boys becomes the reason to hate them. But why we Indian boys are especially notorious for this natural reaction?
I believe the reason is somewhere rooted in culture, social structure and media.
Culture: The culture of India is based on celibacy and monogamy. The same values are expected from us but we are not taught how to achieve and maintain these values. We are told that do not see and talk to a young girls but not taught how to control mind when there is a beautiful girl just in front of you. We are just in dilemma what is right and what to do. When a boy see a beautiful young strange girl, he is bounded to his testosterone to convey the message “hey, you are a beautiful girl” to that girl. But we Indian boys are obeying our culture and do not say that and try to convey just by second method “staring”. 
Social structure: Here whatever the story is, crowd always favor girls. So we know that if in any case girl wouldn’t like my approach of expressing myself then I would need to go police station later but hospital first.
Media: Bollywood’s many films have scenes that strange boys-girls see each other and that leads to a love story. I also want to be a hero in such a love story so never loss any opportunity. Who knows, she may be my heroine.
At last I would like to say that staring is not a personal problem so not a particular guy be hated or punished for this natural behavior. Please forgive them, they are already being punished.
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I'm happy to live in Scandinavia were men do not stare like that. Here it's considered extremely impolite and rude. My heart goes out to my Indian sisters...

I'm an Indian man in Delhi and I can tell you that most of it is because in India we have sort of a dual culture now.

In the cities we have well educated youth who are well accustomed women being at par with men in all walks of life and their personal freedom regarding relationships, fashion, opinion, etc.

In the rural, semi-rural areas, we have conservative people for whom a woman is not even a person, she's a lesser being. And its not about the dress only... its about how a girl decides to express her freedom. For them the mere fact that a girl can be out on the streets at night or choose not to engage with them is an insult on their "manliness" and when this false ego has been hurt, the seek all ways of getting back.

In short the staring is as much as a way of intimidation as it is of self gratitude.

I really hope that things can change soon.

Hey, i know ur a guy, and all the girls know that guys stare at us,
i am from america, (i am indian) and i came to india to visit family, why is it a big deal when girls wear shorts but its not a big deal when we wear langa ony's and cheera's and sari's or what ever it is, and i wore a t-shirt and pony tail, and jeans, idk whats so attractive about that?

well frankly i think it depends on where u r .. wear jeans in a mall here ur bound to be starred at ... .. bt in a beach or among friends @ sleepover it'll pass .. this doesnt apply to u know the educated mass in cities .. bt my gal faces issues u know in her area she cant wear sleveless or shorts or even slightly low necks for the matter -_-

Let me have a go at this...well Indian culture treats sex as a taboo...sexuality and sex is not be discussed or talked about...but what it ignores is the fact that sex is biologically the most important activity that we as humans do...further our species...and the fact that sex can't be suppressed...it just can't
Western culture on the other hand is supposed to be freer and more open...sex is not a taboo...women who wear western dresses are assumed to subscribe to this view...i.e. they are considered "loose"...the suppressed Indian, deprived of sex, somehow sees this as opportunity to finally having founded a "willing" girl...they can't approach these girls because of this inherent cognitive inferiority complex and all they believe they can do then is stare...i think some of us will even believe that the woman likes it...also having never seen "legs" this makes us get all the view we can, while we can...that's my take on this...
We Indian men are absolute jerks, ********...i feel sorry for what happens...i personally never stare...but we as a nation of men have to improve...

We are in the age of global culture interaction and transmission. This is the period of concept mess up.

I've often wondered how Indian men manage to live this way. It's only natural to want to interact with girls, especially when one is young.

yup i agree but i m interested in lesbian dunno why i like lesbians :P

I completely agree with you