How Can I Find One?

How does a white guy in Texas find an indian woman to chat with and see where things go?
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36-40, M
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I can help if you like

how can you help?

lmao what?? why would you want an indian woman?

you are kidding, right? I find them very attractive

Because the ones in the movies are rly pretty but most of the ones that come straight from India have a certain look that most other races don't like. So what kind of Indian are you talking about?

any and all ... why do you ask?

Just curious cuz not even many indian men are attracted to the avg indian women in India. But to answer your question, most are married by your age :/. But Indian girls in college like UT and Texas a&m are rebellious n love non Indians. Just make friends with an Indian guy and he'll soon lead you to his other female indian friends or at least to a party.

well maybe, but colege girls aren't really my thing and I'm in North Texas so those schools are hours away from me!

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Are you talking about American Indian or True Indian? :P

true Indian, from India!

Well, I know lot of people in India, cos I live here!

well, not so easy to meet them in Texas being a typical white guy:)

Come over to India and find yourself someone :)

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Can't seem to find any that crazy in Northern Texas!

Indians are crazy for whites..good luck to you finding an indie girl:)