Nice Neighbors!!

There was an old poor lady lived in apartment alone. She was living on the pension money of her husband, who was expired. One day she lost her Hundred rupee note while coming to home in colony. She asked from number of persons about the note But nobody saw. She felt very sad. She wrote on paper that If any one would find the note please return her back and paste it 2-3 places in the colony.

Mr. Verma ,who worked in Govt. Office,while coming from office He read the paper and thought about the old lady. He wanted to help the old lady. He went to the door of old lady and rang the bell. The old lady came out. Before Mr. Verma said anything, Old lady asked," Are you here to return my Hundred rupee note, which i have lost?"

Same Hundred rupee has been found by Mr. Srivastava, Mr. Singh, Mr. Sharma and two three more persons.

Old lady said," Please do me a favor, Put a notice there that I have Got that hundred rupee note. It was in my coat's pocket. I had forgot after put into the pocket.


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I Don't know the author. Heard from some one.
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These are values people are born with. We get digressed with the media, surroundings, environment and surroundings and sometimes lose our sense .

What an aspiring story !

wonderful story

really nice.. thanks for sharing

such a sweet story..

awsm very nice story........:)