All Parents Are Not The Same- Unfortunately.

i m an indian and my parents are lyk a hell down in my the begining when i ws below 18,my parents alwz said me directly dat they were making me study so dat i can grow up and luk after thm.they never gave me any parental mom never cared for me,my dad was tolly ignorant about me.they never bought me dreses or my day to day necessities.all i cud do is sit nd cry alone and wait til my cousin gives me her used cloths or some necessity mom's relative supported her and my dad's relative were never intrested in my life.when i ws 18 i got a job in father ws against it but my mom supported me on a condition dat i will have to give her 3000rs every month.the 1st month i gave it to her but from the 2nd mnth my father stoped paying my college fee.i hd 2 luk aftr myslf regarding everythng.thn a boy who ws a damn flirt and my colleague proposed me.i knew his nature very well dat how fake he ws.i md him speak with mom.instead of warning him or smthng,she supprted him because he told her dat if i marry him he vl gv my mom a house and all facilities.she ws so greedy dat she agreed to it.i ws in love with some1 and thn he startd to support me a lot.i protestd against her.she thought my bf wl also luk aftr her bt my bf totaly hated my parents.we got married privetely and she knws it.nw she hs turned against us.she hv taken away my original documents and is refusing to give me.she is such a mom who wont mind making me a pros to earn her money.friends there are many things bt as the post hs gone so long i wont mk it long further.plz suggest me what to do.
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you are very beautiful and very strong, since you supported your family and paid for your own fees you have to be congratulated for that. so congratulations for being so successful.
You married the guy that loved you very good that you did so.
If you do not have your original documents you can lodge an fir in the police station and get new copies of your documents from the board or your university.

Being major. U r free to take any step. U can report the matter to police regarding your certificates as your mother is an accused of Section 411 IPC, as per your description. However, before proceeding, u should talk to your mother and even if she is adamant, you can adopt legal way. Feel free to talk anytime, my frnd.

I can totally understand ur situation.......start talking to your mother.....try to please her by gifting expensive clothes or whatever she likes.....try to increase communication. Once u gain her attention take her on outing or shopping, in the mean time u can search the whole house for ur documents........

thank u everyone for your suggestions..

Do what your heart says dear.fight for your documents and life. Never give up your will win for sure.complaint to police.

Simply go to the human rights commission office.Or get a lawyer n get the facts together n compose a letter to the human rights commission , if the office is not in your town.
No one will be able to hijack your certificates n otherwise harass or restrict you, you are an adult now.BTW, don't make the blunder of having 100% trust on the BF , keep your freedom n your papers/possessions in your hands only, and keep in a safe place, not where someone else may break into.
Love n Hugs

I understand your situation seems like u had tough time what papers shes not giving you ?? and if u dont mind what state are you in ? you can even msg me and need not worry if i could help i promise your parents wont ever bother you in life time legally or illegaly and your husband can speak to me if you are in delhi , mumbai gujrat or any other state i will be happy to help you out from this