Just A Thought Of Osho

My understanding is that birth has nothing to do with religion. Your parents may be
Hindus or Christians, that does not mean that the child has to be a Hindu or a Christian.
The child is not your possession. The child comes into the world through you. If you have
any sense of humanity, any sense of respect, you will respect the child, and you will leave
him alone and allow him to grow in his clarity, intelligence, in his inquiry for truth, even
if he goes out of the fold in which you are programmed. If you love your child, let him go
according to his nature, wherever it leads

Do you think it can be done i am not sure
Prammy Prammy
36-40, M
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I appreciate this. I agree. I wish people of other religions would be more open minded. There are some religions/ cultures where the religion is partly based on a creation story where God created that certain people, then everyone else came from a devil or so forth. There can be lots of good teachings within a religion, but the people of the culture will say you have to be born into it to be a part of it because of its creation story. Most cultures have had a word that can simply mean people when referring to themselves, but have a different word when talking about anyone else. That's not only how it is with some creation stories, but also their ideas as to how to achieve an after life. First qualification is being born into that culture often times. That is part of the reason it is so hard for things to change I think. I can think of at least five different religions off the top of my head who are very traditional like that.