The Pain Of A Girl

Ooohhhh no, what the hell is this going on. Ohh so much pain, untolerable life. Nothing can be worse than this life.
I am talking about the life of a indian girl who is surrounded and trapped by rotten-mined indian men.
None is understanding the pain of indian girls and even these confined and helpless girls are not able to express their condition. Because they are young, modern, educated and capable the world thinks they are happy, confident, successful, and safe but the reality is different.
In reality the condition of girl here is like a bird in cage used for or taken care for men's service or amusement. The biggest reaon of this mess is the mix of two cultures the indian and the western culture. The western culture changed the view of man for them. The girl is now a thing for pleasure. It's treated like a toy that can be sell or buy. For husband they are for house work and to warm the bed only. The respect for women has gone. The indian culture stop the girl to come out and express their pain. For a father, daughter is not a permanent family member. Before marriage she is his liability, and after marriage she is a guest. They are confined and prisoned at home and can't cross the boundaries. They are not allowed to express themselves and also there are not enough services to listen them and help them. They are feared to take the risk of step out and ask for help because it could worsen their condition.
No one knows these smiling girls, cry when no one see them, the beautiful eyes are full of tears, the heart is full of fear, guilt and loneless and yearnign for love, the mind is lacking the creativity and life is lacking the visio.
Ohhhh my god, what is this. May god bless these home prisioned, feared, self-esteemless indian girls.
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

How true!! I see it everyday... everywhere around me...

I'm live in the western part of the world. I could relate to everything you were saying, and then you mentioned it was the western problem first. It definitely has been a problem here for a while. Sorry to hear you are going through this. There are many women who have been trying to change things, but then there are women who make things worse. They treat themselves as an object to try and get what they want. I couldn't see allowing myself to be treated in any such way. I try to communicate best I can about things, but I do still feel alone.

Unfortunately pains are given to women by men only so i suggest men need to learn more thn women

You are correct my friend. If we men learn to love and respect a woman, this world will turn into heaven.

I agree to every word you say !!! i am a victim of the same .. i love my country and am proud to be an indian .. and india was never like this .. one the oldest culture has bended it rules for their men only !!!!
We cant breathe coz of society and people will just say things .. I feel our indvidualiasm also depends on other people...
i will be sharing my story soon .. just gathering thoughts as cant do anything to the fact what will the world around me will say !!! :(