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hello friends, am anu and i am pure south Indian Tamil girl who was married recently to a Tamil guy who lives in London. It was a love marriage, At first my hubby dont like me to wear costumes which is modern while i was at chennai. He even scolded me not to wear low neck blouses once. but after marriage I came to Uk and living here with him. The problem is nowadays my hubby asks me to wear low neck dresses and keep on asking me to wear strapless dresses. I am from a decent family but coz of him i accepts his words and started wearing it. At first i feel very uncomfortable to wear low necks but started to wear it for him. I was ok with little low neck but nowadays he is asking me to wear deep low neck which shows half of my 36b cleavage. he alwayz convince me that he loves mu curves, nowadays am wearing deep low necks which shows half of my cleavage.. I like to show it to him but he asks me to wear in public.. and moreover i dont know what to do at this moment.. any suggestions please??

Hi guys Thank u for ur suggestions. I had words wid my hubby regarding this.. His replied  that we live in London not in India, so i have to be modern in this cosmopolitan city. Moreover people over here (brits) and others are exposing their breasts normally. As he is a lovely admirer of my cleavage wants to get admire more on me.. So he loves & admire to see my curves alwayz not only particularly at bed. He loves to stare my curves all the time and says that my cleavage curves are seducing him for all the time. After that I said to him but my cleavage curves are visible to public also so i feel some hesitation and shame to show my cleavage. If i suppose bend in some cases most of my cleavage will be visible...   During the love didnt allowed me to use V necks and sleeveless and also net churidars but whazz up by now,,,,?

As a reply he said this is not shame and he dont care about other mens and public stare my breasts.. he says that he is proud that if other man stares my cleavage.. this will be normal in future so just go on, to be confidence and reveal the skin and cleavage as much i can as like British girls coz i have lovely big breasts.. moreover he askd me to wear micro mini skirts and strapless dress for the upcoming outing and other pub parties.... so that i ll get some confidence.. Anyway guys i found that he turned completely to this western culture and he is saying his wishes..

Am okey by showing bit cleavage to public it may be alright not too much sexy but how can i show half of my cleavage?? In one area, Am happy that he didnt turned to any other girls, so in order to keep him turning on to me always i think i must wear this costumes for his satisfaction.

But the problem is I revealed a bit of my cleavage in tops but now he is asking me to wear fully westernized costumes which shows half of my stuffed cleavage. After getting married he already squeezes my breasts daily and it got increased from 34 to 36b long, am bit worried abt my size gets on increasing. if it get increased on following days what will be my size at 30's...

since we are a new married couple I am allowing him to do so.... at this juncture what I can do guys? Am confused whether to experiment myself by putting this clothes like micro mini skirts and strapless shoulderless dresses... also whether i can stop him to touch my cleavage in order to reduce my cleavage size...... Help me guys

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You should get over this and not waste your beauty by being too pruddish. I am in the U.S. and not the U.K., but I think I wasted much of life with the modesty inspired by our aunties and our culture. For what? I started slowly but now enjoy dressing western and showing much of the body and I turned the nerves into a sexual turn on for me. When you feel strange men's eyes on you take deep breath and linger in position for a moment and enjoy thrill!

It can be so liberating. And the fear can be re-employed into sexual energy. I have become aroused knowing someone was watching so closely at my legs and likely thinking of how they would be to touch. It is still thrill for me to have posted this photo. Maybe you post a photo of legs and nothing more and enjoy your heart beat so.

Id say if ure not comfortable with it u shouldnt be doing it...and probably ask him why exactly he wants you to wear them in abi it out...and more over i agree with your hubby not letting you wear in india cos it gives a different impression and its not the same when ure in london. and if u do have a good looking body, im sure ur hubby would be proud of it to show a bit...


a husband can always demand things, but doing is our thought. if u dont like it, you gotta sit there and talk it out with him! its maybe coz of the culture. dont worry.

if u talk he sure will understand.
(dear friend from south India)

A husband can request a wife somethin, not force it. If u r not comfortable, talk 2 him. Or as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. No big deal wearin skimpy clothes in UK

since you are not in your home town chennai , and u r in london dont worry about the dressing ..there no body cares..but you should understand why he is making you to do this..does he like other guys looking at you ..?does he want others to see how beautiful his wife is..?it is better to give a small resistance because you shouldnt cross limits.. Since he is ur hubby u have the right to tell him if you dont like anything that he makes you do...all the best..