Love U ... India

Happy to be an Indian … Graceful Country to live here, May God bless this Nation abundantly.
smthshekar smthshekar
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

sorry to say, I want to feel proud to be Indian.....but how things are happening around me, my heart fill with disgust.........I am feeling like this country's days are getting over........the country which is rich with everything are not able to feed our own people......and those who want to do something are brutally crushed by sometimes I don't feel proud to be Indian.....

I do understand your concern, but definitely 98% of the people are good and 2% Bad are always there, So just because of 2%, feeling such thought will not be fare is what i feel.

may be U are right but I am not agree with u on this part.......sorry.......

Me blessed to be an Indian and to live in India.