She called me BHAIYYA


0:06 This is one song that I wrote When I didn't have someone to poke
0:17 Every time that she would walk by The uncle next door would get a stroke
0:28 She met me right after she broke up I was ready to be her rebound back-up
0:40 I held her hand and consoled her with wit Before I proposed she said her bit
0:49 She called me BHAIYA Aaaaaaa
0:55 I wanna be her saiyaa Aaaaaa
1:01 She called me BHAIYA Aaaaaaa
1:06 Epic fail hoiya Aaaaa
1:12 I feel like a rickshaw-wala I feel like a watchman saala
1:17 I wish that we could just begin from the start
1:23 I wanna get her rings even if she has em I wanna give her multiple o-gasms
1:29 I wanna make her breakfast in bed at dawn But!!
1:34 She called me BHAIYA Aaaaaaa
1:40 Kung fu chop haiya Aaaaa
1:53 She calls me up after mid night Tells me about her boyfriend fight
2:04 All I do is imagine her in tights My writing hand gets me through the night
2:15 I now drive her mom to yoga class I dance alone every dandiya rass
2:27 I never told her what's in my heart My love for her is like modern art
2:38 "It's all over the wall, you know... My pyjamas, her pyjamas... that I stole...."
2:51 She called me BHAIYA Oyi daiya maiya... Aaaaaaa
3:02 I wanna get a flat in dadar
3:05 I wish she would fondle my gaajar But she insists on making me Rakhi brother
3:13 Marry her forget society I'll convert to a Parsi
3:19 I could call my own daughter my niece But she called me
3:25 BHAIYA BHAIYA... Oyi daiya..... Aaaaa
3:40 She called me BHAIYA

XD enjoyyyyy.......
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