I am east indian by ethnic - how ever I am not the indian you would expect from india - I am a caribbean east indian and got the caribbean ways/ culture. How do those guys say it form india again , those who goes to english speaking countries? " you are verrrryyyy boutifulll" lol, well my voice tone is not like that - it more sounds like agent smith form the matrix , or how I would sound formal - otherwise it's broken english / local terms at home - speaking trini. You won't get me singing " kuch kuch hotta hai " out loud lol - I come form a land of soca, parang ( local christmas) songs, local indian songs with picong words sung in english called chutney all came from settlers in colonial times - pop rock , rock , dance hall , reggae , hip hop , these are also my main music stream of listening . I did not learn hindi , so I have a hard time relating to the words of the music , I don't watch indian movies , because I think they repeat the same story line sometimes as holly wood does , yea big bolly wood lol. But in the past as a kid , I watched indian movies with amitab bachan etc - and liked the moral values set in those times of the film industry. Today well , I just want TRUTH , to LIFE , and we are all biological beings in the physical which has it's limits.
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I'm from Mumbai :)

That is great bro

Where are you from?

Trinidad and Tobago , West Indies , will catch up a next day ok

I really enjoyed reading about you! very well written :) thanks. few good laughs too.....good sense of humor. Bollywood movies,music are fun,and boutifulll ..heyya!

lol thanks bro - well this is just the beginning man, once I don't meet bad people here , the nice , funny side is there :)

mean people are all over the universe, they see good and run ;) never sweat it! be you!

samtiger , today , or just now i ran into a jerk about a caps lock issue , no matter how much i try explain it was a mistake - the person rather act like a robot about it , must be some ep volunteer and think he got some kind of power -but you are right - they are all over the universe - maybe he is trying to prove he is smart by expounding - but I have concluded my field test - no corner of the world is no different - i saw that here with an american, canadian , autralian , euoropean crowd - so in two years time - it will come to pass - cause the world just wants to a holes to themselves and to others - but add me on fb dude , you are kool , if i am not here much , i will be there continuing my ways and understanding of things.

bro, don't let if bug you, they are small minds. you are much wiser to let immature people question you. Just keep expressing yourself. I'll be around. They don't understand cultural differences. They see the world black and white. It's not there is many shades in between. chin up we must be strong .

Kool , you are right , but I don't like hard headed people -if we shake hand In the end , sure it's nice, but a person want to fight me to the end , when I'm making sense to them , nah just can't bear to see stupid walking on 2 legs

I IGNORE THEM :) my Motto... don't waste energy on negitive. Spend it in away where you are understood...

truth that - trying to fit in , being opposed , and having to spend countless hours here to try reach out to people , so maybe i could get a few friends here and there has thrown me off balance - will keep going , you are a good friend being here , ill go pre meditate and make sure i dont fail my self and my friends in life :)

just be you, friends accept you. no need to reach out. just express yourself. remember this is cyber world... most people here like to bully. if it gets to you they feel their job is done. you just keep a one step in real world. and know this is to share your stories. they like it or not. :)

do not react is the best revenge or medicine move on ignore. is what i do ...

well i was trying to live to ep policy , not like i got duct tape on my fingers , just i dont want to tell them something out of the way , so they feel they got some job or sumting , cause they need a lesson of their own - but yea , stories and who likes it , well fine by me - and i try reach out to others , just wont see it as making a friend on the list - but thanks man - you are indeed a great help in the small storm

welcome bro....you can't be sensitive to people who don't understand other cultures. they are not worth my anger. life is short more genuine people can be found. but' they are a small grain of rice in a huge pot! :)

this why i call myself tiger, i have strong heart and mind. have no time for silly anger games ! or prove anything to anyone. i have my wife and children they come first!

now you are one wise guy - my motto was to at least state the whole sense of something b4 leaving any fool be , so I know I did not leave them in ignorance and it will be up to them after - so that is why i fought up , not like i wont want to care , i try wit those against me as well :) , but sometimes they really push it.

ok, friend you must find your own path. just remember there are more fools just trying to muster up your blood pressure. just plant a seed of knowledge. hope it waters and grows..lol or it dies or just stays a weed !

yep, its all I can do lol , so yea - strong we go again - thanks bro, already have my path mapped out , on the road already , just made a stop by a gas station that did not have any gas to offer ( fools) always try to learn from a fool too you know , while they think they are arguing with me , im intercepting them as well lol, so i can understand obstacles - so here I go again :)

no gas??? yes, there is something one fool would understand. lol take care! yep mosey on down the road.you gotta be able to smile through the BULLSHIT! by this guy here 2-pac... cheers! catch ya around! lol

lol, yea later dude - take care!

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