Proud of Its Diversity and Secularity

I am really proud of my country's diversity and secularism.Muslims,hindu,christian,sikhs and many other religions coexist here together.We have a Sikh Prime minister,Hindu President,Muslim Vice president and Italian turned Indian as the President of the winning party...Many experts predicted India's collapse after independence because it is so diversified and heterogeneous.But we have shown the world what unity in diversity means...

And there are 29 languages spoken by more than a million native speakers and 122 by more than 10000.So when i travel across states in India i get a feeling like I am travelling across different countries because each state is unique in its own way.yet bound by strong patriotic feeling and nationalism that will keep us together for eternity.I dont deny the fact that we had some untoward incidents in the middle with respect to religious tolerance, but what is more important is now we have come out of it strong and united with greater loyalty to the country.

I am proud to be an Indian

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Ya bddy. In fact our nation has evrything to make it number one. Its only politics which has destroyed this unique nation. However, even now if our youth awakens, we can lead the world.

Bhai you are spot on !
i admit our country has it's share of problems but which country doesn't
its our uniqueness that has made our country such a treat for the rest of the world and i believe that things will only get better for our country from here :)

jai hind

I see.

*bows to softkitty* for the articulate and well-worded reply. Its very nice to know that youngsters today're so aware but disappointing that an expat living abroad has such a skewed impression about his own country....[here i'll ignore that he mentioned he's highly educated and worldly aware]...cheers.

No, Hindi is the most spoken language in the country..In most of the states people will speak a regional language along with hindi.. But in few places down south people won't know the national language Hindi and only speak the regional language!! That is when you will struggle to communicate with the people of your own country.

Cool story about your country. Sounds pretty interesting. Do you have to know the languages of states you journey through, or is there a cental dialect that everyone understands? Or...maybe the languages have some simularity?

I am good too JJ.....yep its popular!! You know what its very popular in south india

thank you, friend! I'm feeling well, how are you?? *eats hot idlies* I feel it's a popular dish :p

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Brings nice hot idlies to JJ.....Hope you love them....Just had some of these in the morning!!

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Thanks kitti for your appreciation!!....yep,every country has their bright side and dark side.....We must all work towards showing some light to that dark side from our bright side rather than brooding over the darker side!!<br />
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Thanks for your support!!

*claps for MM * good for you Masked Menance , you have stood up for your country admirably , every country has corruption ..every country has prejudism , every country has their good points and the bad points ....

North indians prejudice against South indians is something I have not heard of in my 22 years of life...I really have not heard of such a thing before.....Anyhow I will look into it and let you know....I have been to North India..They are very cordial and friendly....I have many North Indian friends....Really I have not seen any rivalry betn norh and south....But since you are highly educated I will see into that and check with others and let you know if such a thing exists here....<br />
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See,I can give you more examples where there have been fight among religions....Take the case of Bombay incident(fight among hindus and Muslims)......Gujarat riots in 2002....And some more of such incidents...Indian society is very complex.....It is very diverse and the day it was formed by uniting various provinces with different cultural backgrounds,the whole world predicted its disintegration into small countries....But we were able to resolve all these issues and stand united until today,something unheard of anywhere in this world....Believe me here Muslims and christians and hindus live in perfect harmony.....We have second(or third) highest Muslim population. in the world....But a very few knew it because they live in perfect peace.......And I dont think you can understand alll these living in a different country....When you find time come to your nation ,spend some time and understand all these things....because no words can explain how things are here rite now unless one feels it.....<br />
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And also I would like to say India is one of the most corrupted countries in the world.....If you had said that I would have nodded sadly....Interestingly you forgot those valid points where India is lacking a lot.....Corruption is the reason behind all our problems we face now and you must be aware of that because you are highly educated!!

Regarding the tolerance in Indian society and migration of Indians:<br />
I am using this arguement to make your understanding effective....US outsources its jobs to India...Does that mean US doesnt know to do that job? Does that mean US lacks the skills and technology to do its own work?....And you know US is the leader in technology!! Yet why it outsources its jobs? Lack of man power? But i see unemployment level soaring to all time high!!...Then why? Because of cheap labour....Companies want their balance sheet sound and profit levels high...So they outsource to India to keep their cost levels low and see more profit.....<br />
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So now our arguement.....Indians migrate to other countries not because Indian society is intolerant...But to earn more money and have a great career.....Here technology is outdated and we lag by 10 years in certain fields....So to learn the latest technology and to work on those fields Indian population migrate....They see a better future in US than in India because of the poor opportunites and environment for success in India....Not because the society is intolerant or not because there is some racial prejudice...Some do it to get out of poverty ...Students migrate to gain knowledge and get into latest research....For instance if one want to excel in physics,one can never do it from India....So Indian migration has altogether different reason.......You cant use it as an arguement with respect to religious tolerance<br />
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Thanks for the comment,HIGHLY educated boiled eggs.....I dont think I am as educated as you,but I would like to give my opinions on your comments.....I will go one by one in my arguements ok?....Is there any country in this world that is crime-free?....Is there any country in this world where there are no prisons?So let us consider some country X.....I read in my newspaper that some guy shot down three guys and ran away in country X......Some guy raped an innocent woman in country X....So can I now conclude country X consists of full of killer and rapists.....Will any person with some rationality come to such a conclusion? right?<br />
I agree that such a rape incident happened in India and was done by some bad elements in a village .....And it had racists motives as well....But it was an isolated incident done by some hooligans.....That doesnt make India a racist country....Only if such isolated incidents repeats itself many times all over the nation then the conclusion can be valid.....<br />
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Despite you being highly educated,you have overlooked certain incidents done by Christian western society to other religions....I dont get into those details because it will turn our arguement bitter full of religious bias.....So I would like to say this well known incident.......US produced a great man in John.F.Kennedy.....But there was this someone who killed him rite?...So what can i conclude? Since John.F.Kennedy was a great man can i conclude US is a great country? Or since there was a shooter can i conclude US is a rogue country? Something to ponder right when we get into conclusions abt different countries....<br />
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And regarding the incident with SRK being frisked for 2 hours just because he is Muslim from India ignoring he is superstar here.......Just imagain this situation.....Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie is detained in Indian ariport for 2 hours and questioned for those two hours by those officials for security purpose.....How will have US reacted to it?May be you will have reacted in a mature manner but how will US as a country in whole reacted to it....I am sure that definitely US govt would have taken this issue to Indian embassy and express their condemnation to this incident!!<br />
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Oh! AND I forgot to say that the recent rape of a Catholic nun was not so nice - by recent I mean in the middle of 2009 or so. She was ******** naked and forced to walk around the local town in that manner. So far I have not heard of a Christian Western community doing so to a Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist or Bahai priest, nun etc.<br />
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We should hesitate before we think ourselves worthy of our own praise. Oh And another thing<br />
last year when Shah Rukh Khan was detained by the American customs for an hour all the Indians in India and elsewhere went crazy and began to spout hypocritical epithets about themselves and the USA. It was said that the USA was racist against Muslims - definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Especially since massacres and abuse of non-hindus goes on regularly in India. Also I don't see the Indians halting their migration to the USA to live permanently.<br />
At the end of the day he was only an actor - playing make believe on films. Does one not think that we ought to have some sort of balance before we react to it all? where is our dignity? and our integrity? all missing in action huh?<br />
lots to think about there.....and to ponder too.<br />
Ciao<br />
boiled eggs

hmmm interesting point but I have to say this: I find that there is a division in India between the North and the South. There seems to be a prejudice against the South. I have found many North Indians speaking derogatorily about South India. I love South Indian food more than the Northern and I find it very distinct from the North which shares a culture with the Middle East and parts of Europe. And Yes I am South Indian but have never lived in India only having visited it. <br />
Even though you have said that India should be proud of having prominent officials of different religions. Yet India and its citizens should be aware that it does not treat its ordinary citizens who are of Muslim or Christian origin so nicely. Is this not true? the massacre of Muslims by those "tolerant" Hindus is not so reliable is it? I mean you would probably find that tolerance more available in the Western Christian societies. <br />
I would like to add finally that while we all say and agree that India has so much to be proud of then why are so many Indians eager to leave it? Especially those Sikhs that live in the supposedly 'richest' part of India ie the Punjab?<br />
i would like intelligent and well thought responses. I won't be responding to anyone tht is rude and nasty. <br />
So really come back to me. And let's assume a certain amount of knowledge on my part as I am well read and HIGHLY educated in international political and current affairs. <br />
Many regards<br />
Ciao<br />
boiled eggs

Good for you,....I'm not so patriotic as you...

Ah thanx..I do love my country...Yes there are many things that the world can learn from India,but at the same time we have a lot to learn from the world!

Your love for your country is so evident in your story. Good for you. There are so many people who do nothing but put down their own countries. It's refreshing to see someone who truly loves theirs. And it's especially nice to see the diversity that exists & works together with each other instead of fighting with each other. The world needs to take some lessons from India it seems. Proof that We All Can Get Along If We Open Our Minds & Hearts To One Another! Thank You.

Thanx vikky..

ty neveah and phinix

.........and you should be!!!!<br />
Words well spoken!!!!!