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 Hey, I'm taking a census of people on EP born and living in South Asia in Q&A    Culture and Religion  >  Ethnicity and Nationality.

EP Link

Only one taker so far. ((Whisper)) : Here's your chance to beat the Pakistanis to the punch!

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Thank you.

Just came across this post. I did go and add my answer to the EP link but, I admit...what a dismal turnout!<br />
For one of the most populous countries in the world and given the number of English speaking people, the representation of Indians on EP is just pathetic!

I am Indian born in hyderabad,andhra pradesh.I am first Indian and then religion,caste,language,region and too many complications ,problems because of the useless extra's.But earlier these extra's were far more important to me than the the core and I am not a saint.Hoping to respect and keep my core Indian intact needs more effort than just resolutions.But strong efforts in that direction will save me from the dangerous extra'as.

Maybe I'll do a Southeast Asia census later, but I'd want a better response than I've gotten with this one.