I Am An Aboriginal Australian

Indigenous: originating in and characterising a particular region or country, the first people of a land. My people were here from the begining of time and will be here to the end as we know it.

I am Aboriginal, my ancestors come from Wallaga Lake and Tiba Tilba on the far south coast of N.S.W, Australia. This is Yuin country. The black duck is my totem.

 My mother is Aboriginal and my father is Polish. So I'm white on the outside and black on the inside. I don't even like using this word 'Indigenous' but this is a white mans world and we do live in it.    

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That is beautiful!

yeah I know 200 years of living on stolen land. But what's gone now is gone forever. It can never be replaced or repaid. I just try to look at what the future can hold for us all, and with this I live in the hope that at least the truth be known to erveryone. It took a while but I'm all for reconciliation now. I've never been racist, I was just angry. But I realise we can't live in anger nor can we say everyone is the same.<br />
Thank you for your comment BettyValentineThe2nd

I still can't get my head around the fact that it's over 200 years since invasion and most of white man still can't accept that this is stolen land. I'm a white woman, but I'm from live in Newcastle which is home to the Awabakal people. Sadly, there are very few Awabakal people left because they were all killed off and this is something that I am angered by every day.