Iam Also An Indonnesian

im half half my dad was indonesian from sumatra and my mam was belanda from holland.

im proud of being indonesian i never was there but i know manny things about this beatifull land the motherland of my dad and al together they are  the islands of smaragd!!

aku cinta indonesia!!!aku punja hatti cinta sumatra paling banjak

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Hi there,

both my parents were born in West Sumatra, but now we reside in Java,
if you like to come to Indonesia and now everything by local, try hit up the site couchsurfing for the latest info.

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Paris Van Java

Hi all, I,m Chinese Indonesian <br />
I'm fully sumatran too, however i stay in Singapore now, and back to Indonesia soon<br />
love Indonesia so much!!!<br />
proud to see all of you guys who love Indonesia alot

Hi, I'm Chinese Indonesian lol. My last name is O'Brien (from my 12years Irish-American stepdad). It's good to be have different cultures in me. Where are you guys at? I'm here in NYC. I love Indonesia too, and proud to be one:). I visited INA 4months ago, and I'm going back there next year!! Yay<3

Hi Albertina, I am full Sumatran lass born and living in Malaysia I do have relatives in the Netherlands Indonesia Germany Japan and US - how are you?

Hey there albertina.. Good to know that you love Indonesia. Hope you'll have the chance to visit soon. Greetings from Jakarta!

Hi! I'm not Indonesian but am multicultural (see my page if you are interested) and have had several good friends who are "Dutch/Indo" as they have described themselves. Glad to meet you and glad you love cats as I do!