so i havn't made posts lately i've been so busy. But lactation is going well i'm still not on any supplements i'd like to be on them but continually forget to look for them but so far i've almost gained a full cup size which is awesome and i'm enjoying it a lot so pretty much all is well and fun
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i have domperidone if you are interested

I have just started this journey. I have been massaging and pumping for a few weeks, and am about to start on Fenugreek. Any other advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

Go to Motherhood and get Milky it will increase your supply. The taste is not bad either

After my milk came in I increased up to a full H I know that its hell trying to find bras to fit well in this size

I am in the process as well but taking supplements - I've gained fullness and clear droplets ! Good luck

That is great!!
Add me please :)

Good girl!!!