And I'm loving it - no partner but I hope my husband enjoys the fullness of my breasts and one day gets a sweet treat
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Good for you, enjoy!!

...can I suckle them ???

i have domperidone if you are interested

I know I do!

That's great, I'd LOVE to help my wife inducing lactation but she never shows interest in thus, worse dhe thinks I'm fantasizing and weird. If your husband doesn't like your lactating breasts then he's not a normal man. I'd SO LOVE to suckle on your milky bressts for hours and I'd venerate your milky breasts as the most valuable gift you share with me.

i hope to someday get my sweat treat. every so often i get a drop that tastes amazing. i think we are closee

How could he not!!! Loved the squirting nipples!!!

Today I woke up very full and tender feelings - things are happening !

Ah, i wud love 2 make u naked all the time ..and enjoy those amazing boobies.. oh fully lactating.. naked.. horny ladyyy

Would be so sweet if they were full and swollen with sweet milk

That is very good!!!
I hope you get them swollen with milk soon :)

Me as well, though it takes dedication.

I sure would enjoy them add me?