Dedicated To Dubkebab

Dubkebab was nice enough to invite me into his tree group.

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We talked a little and in his letter to me he used the words " infinitely curious" to describe us. I thought it fit very well and would make a nice group.

  I am infinitely curious. Choosing to have only one career was very difficult. I am fascinated by so many things. Studied so many things. I am a tree surgeon. I do hypnotherapy on the side but it's WAY on the side. It was going to be my main career but I would hear of some damaged tree or forest and go running off, cancelling my appointments with hypnosis clients. Trees are far more challenging, helpless, and less cliche LOL

 I am fairly well versed in many sciences. I love ancient history. I also wanted to be a musician, a horse breeder, astronaut, name it, I've studied it or wanted to study it or wanted to be it. I love learning. I like learning first hand.  very difficult to reign myself in at times and focus on one thing. I think my biggest fear is that I will die, not knowing something I wanted to know.
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a nice group indeed,I'm touched.<br />
<br />
how to channel that healthy curiosity and focus???<br />
mine's a work in progress...