I'm Always Curious About What Others Are Thinking

isn't it true? every person want to know what the person next to him/her is thinking.
those who think about it too much(like me) can't stop thinking and doubting.

I for one try to examine others speech, eye movement, body movement, and emotion bursts to know. but that also can't be 100% accurate.
they say that looking to the left is a sign that the person is lying. but what if they person who is lying know this? he/she wouldn't look left.
that's why you get confused. even if become the other person, you can't know what he/she is thinking.

but i still want to know anyway...
GrimWolf GrimWolf
26-30, M
2 Responses Jun 16, 2011

Sometimes, I can't even get past what's going on in my thinking that don't even have a clue to what your thinking!

I always try to figure out what people are thinking, from the way they say things and how they look while saying it.