Culture and Murder...

Forbidden Love

This is a story from dateline in 2002 about a Punjabi family (my culture) that killed their own daughter. It makes me mad that there are still people in civilized nations with the "village" mentality.

Read the link for the transcript of the show.... I think you might be surprised.

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I know you didnt call it sad. I called it sad. <br />
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The tradition is called <B>sati</B>

No problem. I was shocked at some of the hindu/muslim/sikh traditions that some of the villagers still cling to. We "civilized" people call what they do barbaric... but I mean, who are we to judge. <br />
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I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about this. She was born in India and so she always says "What gives other countries the right, to tell India how to treat their own people and govern their own people." Part of me agrees with her. <br />
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The "wife burning" ritual (i forgot what it is called, but I will find out here in a few minutes) is a prime example. Even what they do seems backwards... and maybe considered murder in our eyes... they think they are doing something that is okay and it has gone on for hundreds of years. <br />
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I dunno, I dont agree with it, but at the same time, I wonder who the hell am I to tell someone else that what they believe in is wrong. <br />
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I think once you leave that village, and head to a civilized community (the city or even another country with strict and CLEAR laws) you can not take your village traditions with you and perform them and NOT be looked at as insane. <br />
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Im all over the place on this topic. Yes it is sad that it happens. Yes I dont agree with that they did. But the rural folks out there dont care what you and I think and will continue to kill their daughters for the sake of "family honor"

Its not religious at all... the village mentality of these rural folks and they bring it with them. <br />
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All religons in India have done this... its a culture thing strictly.<br />
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100 years ago when the husband would die, they would burn the wife with him... dead or alive.

That is why I hate them. People hide behind it. I think that religious freedom does not include murder. People should not be able to say, "this is my religion, so I can do this and you can't stop me!" Hell yes, we can. we shouldn't be afraid to stand up to anyone who will commit these crimes or close their eyes to them. There are some things it MAKES COMMON SENSE not to tolerate. More revenge fantasies here. I am distressed now. Must log off. Cannot handle the pain and sadness...