I Totally Need Help!

Okay...story is...im very in love with my 1st cousin, she doesn't have the same last name or anything but we are both madly in love with eachother. Before anyone says anything about my age i am not the kind of person that will fall for everyone...i have only had two relationships so far and they have lasted almost a year each, i just broke up with my gf and im having a hard time recovering...but one day i was on Face book and i found my cousin. Were both 14 and both of us like to have long meaningful relationships...we talked about how much we have missed in eachothers lives and then she asked if I have ever liked her...i was quite suprised, and at first i didn't respond...but i said yes and she was happy about it. we talked and even flirted for awhile until we had to go to bed at like 5:00A.M. The next day we were talking about experiances we have had with other people...and it just got hotter and hotter...when we were talking i asked what state she lived in now and she said Kansas...My heart sunk really low when i heard that...i know i could never truly see her even as a cousin...but we know we love eachother and its not a thing i usually get into...I live in Washington state and our families are kinda broken right now, through lies and deception. I have only seen her twice before in my life and we were 9 years old then...We truly love eachother but we don't have anyway to get together...our families would NEVER accept it and we are both atheist so the bible doesn't matter...My life is very confusing right now and i don't know how to make it work...i've gone through countless ideas writing them down only to throw them away...this isn't the 1 week kind of relationship...its more of a 1 to 2 year kinda thing...i need help...and ive come here as a last resort...please dont try to degrade me or post bad comments...Thank you for reading my story
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I was in love with my cousin too, but sadly he died... You will soon be at a age were, 'what your parents say won't matter' Your in love and no-one should come between that... What ever people think it don't matter... It's your life so do as you wish... When there is a problem you will find a way to solve it.... So you could be open about it, and tell your family and the can deal with it.... or you do it in secret untill you feel the time is right for them or anyone to know... but follow your heart, don't let anything come in your way....