I Love My Cousin <3

Hi i love my cousin every time im not with her im in a bad mood alwase thinking of her and i see her a lot i go to her house almost every single day we go to the same school but there one problem im scared to tell her im in love with her because she might not feel the same way but i think she does cause when i sleep over her house she alwase sleep on me im alwase flirting with her and she doesnt mind if i do and somtime when im nt looking at her she is staring at me non stop and when i look she just turns her head fast im 15 year old and she is 14 and there is one more problem i moving out of the state and ima miss her so bad that is the only thing im alwase thinking about now that im not gonna see her. And i alwase want be on her i wanna kiss her but im to scared what she will do because we are really tight. We grew up together then she moved when she was like 6 and i was 7 them like 4 years later i move to miami were she was living and i went to her 11 birthday and i started falling for her but i dident see her so much then when she was 13 i moved with my aunt and uncle and her like for a year or more tht when i fell in love with her and every night i use to pass my hand through her back and i use to get closer to her private part and she never cared then when i moved out and i came to live with my parent i dident talk to her like for 4 or 5 month then when i started to talk to her i saw tht love i had for her i still had it SO PLEASE COMMENT WHAT SHOULD DO i really like her but im scared to tell her im in love with her
ilovmycousin ilovmycousin
3 Responses May 16, 2012

just be sure that u don't confuse love with desire to go physical or something please.

Well, she sleeps on top of you should tell you something. Tell her you love her, she probably feels the same way.

Well, I,m in a VERY similar situation. Extremely similar, in fact. I don't really have much advice for other than to just go for it and tell her without directly saying I love you. I just thought I would put my comment out there to let you know that you are not alone :)