This Is Destiny......

I had ties with my cousin since the beginning of my life. I really liked her at the time then a gap came in between of years that had nothing to do with that. But it jumped back up. I went to see my cousins ( My male cousins were best friends because they were easy to relate to.) in WI. I saw her and was like ( Ahhhh.....) she seems hotter than anyone I saw in existence. I remember when young we played and she kissed me, it felt like heaven. Not the crappy touch on the lips from just anybody. We were talking about how horrible our government is, how Dominic is lying about him smoking, and using drugs. ( He probably said this cause he couldn't think of anything else.) And then as if by magic we started talking about disorders. She asked me if I had a disorder. And I do, asburgursin ( or how ever you spell that.) It wasn't really effective anymore, I am fine at socializing now. She then was giggling and talked in a taunting voice " I am fine at socializing." ( Low voice, my usual tone.) We felt great about that, she wasn't really being mean or anything, she just feels the same way I do. Well, if we were to ever be together, it would have to be away from the hell our families response would be. I love her, its is such fatal way I think I will 'get with' her. But WHEN? I'm only fourteen, so is she. We live far from each other, please support me, comment about this. I hope to see if a lot of you feel the same way.
HeriodLeriod HeriodLeriod
Sep 14, 2012