Its Me Again and Im In Love

haha its so funnie to see what i write. but wow that was such a confusing stage =[[

well lets see im 15 now and about to end mi freshman year and im prettie happy with mi life right now. me and mi cousin are doing great i mean like were not best friends but we do our thing together and i like it. so yea im in love with him and im trying to get over him but it isnt workingg. so we still see them every weekend and we do sleepovers lol but noww its gotten way more sexual on both partss. were not having sex [[yet]] but he fingers me and ill give him handjobs. i just love the way he touches me i always have but the thing i just wish me and him did wass cuddle because ever since it got more intensse we dont sleep together. we do our thing and then he just goes someone else and sleeps and i guess its ok but like it happens so fast like the longest it lasts is 30 min and i just want to fall asleep in his arms and just feel his body against mine and just hugg while we fall asleep. yea i cry over him but its like ill cry over any other guy. but i dont know wut to do because he is gunna be a senior next year which means its his last year =[ im going to miss him so much i dont think he has any idea but i dont know i really just want to get it over with and have sex with him because im ready. and i would love for him to be mi first because i know he isnt taking advantage of me and that he truly cares about me. like he gives me these looks and its like i wish i could stay with you and i just get butterflies its crazy. N00NE knows about this i keep it to miself. its just not something i would share with someone unless like i trusted them ALOT and i trusted that they would understand. its just so crazy because like ive always had a feeling about him even when we were little and i would visit and stuff i just never felt comfortable around him because i thought he was perverted LOL. and i dont know if he has always felt this way towards me er wut and sometimes i wonder if hes done this with any of mi other girl cousins ''/ i dont think so but i dont know. i just love him so much and i want to get over him but how do you get over someone you see every weekend. i dunno its weird because like ive had a boyfriend when we do our thingg and it feels wrong so ill break up with mi boyfriend but mi friends think theyre is something wrong cuz like yea but i used to cheat alot before i moved here and im done with that girl. shes changed so much and now im happy. so thats it if anyone could me something some advice or anything i would like that ALOT =]

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Tell him you want to sleep with him. Tell him how you feel. He feels the same way, keep him in your arms. Don't try to get over him, you can't fight against love, if it feels right, go for him. Say you want to marry him.

hey same thing with me<br />
i see my cousin every weekend but im also in luv with this guy and seeing that other guy every weeked will hwlp me get over my cousin<br />
if u want u can read my confession and the comments<br />
one of them helped me a bit but i dont noe if it'll help u