Illegally In Love With Him

Things are going rough between me and my second cousin.I fell in love with him two months ago and we had a fight last dec.30. Until now he haven't respond to my texts.There's a big age gap between the two of us.I'm only 15 and his 21.Im having trouble because I think I'm sexually attracted on him.for the first time in my life I want to kiss a guy.Seriously,I know he won't love me the same way I love him but I want to confess to him before he leaves and go abroad.Actually I had a plan,it was oplan kissing him while sleeping but it never work.

And now I'm planning on kissing him on spot when the two of us are alone but I'm too scared.I want to confess and tell him I really loved him before he leaves me. This is just so unfair. I wish I could have the courage to confess or kiss him on spot.
princessyuuki princessyuuki
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

hehe thanks. well I guess before telling him straight to the point i will make signs that i like him. oh yeah. yesterday is his birthday (jan.16) i went to his house to give my gift.I was with my friends and when they saw him,they started teasing me.It was very very embarrassing but cute and funny hahaha xD thanks for your comment :)

It is way better to tell someone you love them rather than waiting because you never know what could happen. You will regretting it later.on. And I really liked this story. I hope you stay strong and finally work up the courage to tell him.

thanks for your advice :)

i'm trying my best to tell him how i feel for him. Well.. I still have 2-3 months before he leaves. I wish everything can work out properly :( :)

oh yeah, i don't really want to give him a sexy kiss but rather a romatic smack kiss or something heheh. I'm still not that mature so I just want to have a enchanted kiss with him hhaha