Any Cousins Married & Have Children Together?

Just wondering if any cousins have married, started a family and if so, how do you deal with your situation. Do you explain to your children and if they experience bullying in school & in society and how did you handle the dramas that come with it

Im curious
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I've wondered that too

It is said medically there are chances for having disabled children-mentally,physically, this is what inbreeding does. google for information oline,

Chances are slim unless u have abnormalities in the family (genes)

Have you actually even thoroughly researched it? The chance isn't as high as everyone believes it is to be. Everyone has a chance of having disabled children. A women over 41 has a higher chance of having a disabled child more than cousins do. The risks are over exaggerated and alarm more than they do inform. Cousin couples only have a 3% more chance of having a disabled baby than a non cousin couple. The risks aren't as high as they are made out to be, get your facts straight.

How would you be able to see how your genes would match up. To know whether or not your children would have a disability or not?
I really want to know if I would be able to have a child with him, or if, I wouldn't be able to have babies an just adopt.

My cousin is 4 years younger than me; we always intended to marry but it never came to that. I found a girlfriend and Susan and I just drifted apart. We did love each other, more than just as cousins, and we had sex together on occasions too. Our families knew that we were talking about marriage and there were no objections to the idea. Susan married someone else and so did I; she is divorced now and we still feel incredibly close, however my marriage has lasted so there is no likelihood of us marrying now. I see nothing wrong with the idea, its not exactly a new concept so I see no reason why it should be the cause of embarrassment or bullying.

nothing wrong with having cousins with benefits