Im Extremely In Love With My Cousin

Me and my cousin have known eacother for along time, i dnt know when it really starded, all i know is that i love her, shes all i want in girl, pretty, mexican, and loves all the things i like, we have a really close relationship with her and were always talking and texting eacother, i currently jus got out of prison and i have a girlfriend that ive been with fot the last 8 yeats we have a beutiful baby girl and one on the way, a couple.of days ago my cousin threw a bbq for me and we had a good time, i dance with her and held her close to me, the family was absurb when they saw what thwy saw, i can resist it, i had confees to her that i felt something for her and that i couldnt help it, she did get kinda of disturb and we had stop talking for a couple.of months, but then out of nowhere she contacted me and weve been havin a cool relationship ever since, what does this mean, sometimes i feel.she.feels the same way and that she wants to tell me but something wont let her, can u you guys give sum advice, should i talk to her and teel her again or should i just drop the case and stop talking to her? im in love with her i think about her most of the time i jus wanna have her in my arms and hold her tight, kiss her and make love to her like no one has, what do u guys think? please help
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 20, 2013