I Am In Love With My Cousin, and I Dont Care What Other Poeple Think!

I LOVE MY COUSIN, we make each other happy! I know there has to be more than 4 people who are in love with a cousin, and I would like to see them post their stories here! Get to it people!
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I Had A Relationship With My Cousin

i have posted my story here about 6months ago. as what i have said, my cousin and i did something wrong. we kissed and cuddled and even romanced but fortunate enough for me that it did not lead to sex.

well, yes. we have done those intimate acts for a year and a half and by february this year, just months after he confessed his feelings for me, i fell in love with him., that was what i knew.

we had made our relationship official by february 02, 2012. i did not know if it was right but honestly, when we got together, it was the best feeling and i knew in my heart that it was right eventhough it was not.

oh well, since i am older than him, i cant sometimes get him but he was always very patient of me and understanding. when he comes home from school, he sees to it that he could visit me when i am alone at home just to let me feel that he loves me. and if i had a chance, i would go to the place where he studied which by the way a 2 hour drive from home. we would stay up late just to talk and kiss and spent quality time.

the situation we had was the hardest ever because we had to keep it a secret and we were so much in love that we cant let the whole world know since we are cousins. when we were on our first month, we thought we would last. for me, i really thought, but when mid march came, he was distancing himself to me. i was so scared that time because i did not want to break up with him and i love him too much to let go.

when i confronted him, he told me that he cant bear it anymore becuase of the very hard situation we had, he doesnt want to break up but he thinks it was the best thing, it was just through a damn text message!. having my pride building, i silently cried and agreed that we should end what we had. it was the most hurting part of it, i love him and he loves me but we just dont have the best situation in life. it is just NOT MEANT TO BE.

he told me that he has so much respect for me and i am very important to him but he had to do it. he thought it would be best for the both of us. so we broke up after a month and 22 days of being in a relationship.

i cried and cried but i cant do something else but just to accept it. when we see each other, we arent like before that were close. we are now very casual and i can feel that he is still constantly avoiding me and that hurts me. we are still cousins and i miss him.

yes, i still miss him. his kisses, his jokes, his sweet nothings to me. and i still love him. really really love. no matter hard i try to move on, i am caught up with the fact that there was no proper closure but just the small talk we had when i asked if what was really the reason why did he break up with me. it was the situation, he said.

i understood him but it just hurts. and now, i know he is recovering and moving on and probably have moved on. i am thinking, how can i move on when i get the chance to see him again? what should i do? i really love him but i know i cant be involved with him again, ever. i respect the fact that my mom and his dad are siblings. but it is just so hard.

please help. thanks!

I'm well over 40 yrs old. I reunited with my cousin after almost 30 yrs; he fell madly in love shortly after. I held my feelings in check and wouldn't reciprocate the feelings, although we we very intimate many times and I've never felt such strong, pure, and true love. Never. We even talked about the possibilites of marriage at one point. I wouldn't let my heart "go" because I worried about what others thought. Many, many months have gone by and we have now reversed roles. He thinks much about what others think I I couldn't care less. Life is too short to worry about what others think when you have finally found your sole mate...the one you need to spend the rest of your life with.Now I'm waiting for him to fall in love with me again. We are so very close, but not romantic at this point. Just waiting for him to fall in love again. I am a strong believer in the Bible and there is nothing in the Bible that says marrying cousins is wrong. In fact, it says the opposite. If you're in a similar situation as me, keep pursuing, keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep waiting. Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about.

this may sound nasty but ive has sex with my cousin and im 13 and hes 17 i really didnt mean for it to happen but i think as we had thos elittle conversations my feelings towards him got stronger and ever since every time he comes back on a holiday we end up having sex i know its wrong in so many ways but i cant help that i fell in love with him and i know for definite my family wouldnt approve if this because hes my first cousin and well hes now over in england at the moment , we text eachother all the time and he makes me feel so special just my mum is kind of getting very suspicious about us being so close and i really wanna tell ym family but they will disown me or some weird **** and i am only 13 dont wanna be kept away from him just hoping as we get older and years pass i can tell her , but i keep thinking if i tell her now willl it sink in , in the future :/ please help i dont know what to do :(

i can fell you. not that i had sex with my cousin. i had my own share of my intimate moments with my cousin and i know it is better to keep it a secret forever. and move on. dont get your family know about your situation.. ok?be strong.

when i was a kid and as a teenager me and my cousin had a huge crush on each other. we would kiss and hold hands. but one day it got out of hand and we were making out at a familly picknick and got caught. we haven't done anything since and have gone down our own paths in life, but a few days ago he called me and wanted to talk alone with me. i thought something might be wrong so of course i agreed to meet up and talk with him. well i found out talking really meant he was lonely and that his feelings for me never went away. and i care very deeply for him but i am married and i am going through a separation right now.well we ended up making out and he just somehow new all the right ways to touch me am we were holding each other so tightly. he wanted to have sex, but i just didnt think it was the right thing to do. but now im confused. for some reason i just keep thinking about it. i know its inappropriate for many reasons. but it was so nice to be touched and held, its been a while for me too. i guess i didn't realize how lonely i am. he just kept saying how he was having trouble controlling himself around me. and i don't know if he just wants sex if he wants an actual relationship. and im not sure i want to know what it is he wants. well let me know if anyone has advice for me thanks.

Hey, am 17 years, i also fell in love with my cousin and it felt so good when we first kissed, we are still seeing each other, I love him so much and he says the same. We cant stay together becuase our families cant agree to it but talk and kiss whenever we meet. We want to go futher and have sex cause we cant wait anymore.

hey u should read my confession

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i love my cousin too - weve been together for awhile now,, everything about her makes me feel so secure and so greattt.. i love everything about her and hope that we can get married soon so we can begin our lives

in your familys eyes its probably a sin. But follow your heart. If he feels the same way about you then go for it. I did, And im happy. We live together under false pretenses everyone thinks we are just roomates but in the house we are totally lovers and love each other to death! Just follow your heart. Not your mind cuz then it will never work for you.

pls help me. im inlove with my first cousin. is it a sin?

I've been dating a guy 15 years older than me since I was 19 and I'm now 26, so we've been together 7 years. And my cousin is 9 years younger than me and we've been fooling around for most of those years. He just recently decided (date was 4-30-10) that he can't do that with me anymore - 5 minutes after he got out of bed with me, by the way. I've been telling him the whole time that he can't touch me like that at grandma's because he's going to get us caught. And he didn't turn 18 until June 15th 2010, so I've ALWAYS held back because of his age. I just couldn't stay away any longer, I Love Him with ALL my soul, and everyday I wake up without him I die a little more inside. I dream of him most nights, only to wake up and realize he won't ever be with me again. I've broken up with the boyfriend so that maybe my cousin would come back because I wouldn't be cheating anymore, but that didn't work. I didn't even notice that I'd fallen in love with him until he told me I couldn't be with him anymore. He knows EXACTLY how I want him to touch me without even asking me or me telling him. Now when I try to talk with him, he try's to tell me whatever he thinks will get me to leave him alone. I can tell he's trying to force himself to have a "normal life". I miss him SO BAD it hurts, and I can't breathe. I feel like I'm literally dying without him. My family keeps asking why I'm crying and "Is it because of your boyfriend?", and I say NO, it's because of my cousin. Then they tell me I'm over reacting, but they don't know that we've slept together. My boyfriend keeps trying to get me back too. And I've told him most of what happened, just not that I actually cheated on him. I told him I wanted to so badly that it feels like I might as well have cheated on him. And I keep doing whatever I can to go see my cousin, so I don't understand why my boyfriend still wants me back. We still spend time together because he's grieving and has no one else but me to lean on. He keeps asking "Why can't you just fix things with your cousin and go back to the way it used to be? It kills me to see you this unhappy." I'm so lost, and I don't know what to do.

Dear, me and my cousin too love with each other. but here we can help each other. if you agree contact me at sauravsony5u@gmail.com

I had a friend whom was married to her cousin.. they had children and everything was fine ....older people acepted it fine...

its good to know that im not the only one either that love a cousin. i find myself thinking about him 24/7. but its hurts cuz i know my family wont approve it. but if u know its really love, go for it. be happy with the person u really love :)

I so can relate to your story...<br />
It's a wonderful feeling, but when it's time to say goodbye, it hurts so bad...<br />
Message me to confide or anything... I'd love to share my story... ^^

i had a same story like u ...more yrs ago ...i can only says its truly difficult to inlove w/ your cousin,its so happy a wonderful feeling,but its very painful because of all the people around you but if you know 2 yourself that's really love go & fight for it ..but if you realize thats not really love the best way is to stop .you think about it carefully and decide

When I was your age - I too was in love with my cousin. What a bunch of heartache and scandal that caused. Be careful!