Feeling The Butterflies ?

I can't help myself. I think about her all the time. She's literally in my mind when I'm walking, trying to fall asleep, studying, playing, cooking, eating, having a shower.. I'm thinking about her as crazy. I feel hear smile heals, her hug revives, and her kiss has more power than the bang of all the matter and antimatter ever existed. I feel so in love. I feel like flying. I just want to be with her and hold her hand. I wanna say she's beautiful and hug her. I want to touch her lips and stop the time so I'm kissing her for eternity. I want to give her all. I want to make her feel special and loved. I want her to be my only woman. I don't want to continue this story cause you will probably think I am crazy.. but the truth is that I am.. crazy over her.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

This is me toward the guy I like but the feeling isn't mutual.. Does she feel the same way? That's so amazing and special if she does. I hope everything works out for you :)

She's one lucky b1tch. :)