Congrats, I Hate You

My girlfriend dumped me Monday because I did drugs because I felt empty again ...I told her honestly about it and all she did was ignore me and break my heart Monday. I thought she would understand but I was sorely mistaken she had been avoiding me before no matter how much I tried to talk to me she would go home without saying goodbye as soon as school was out . The next time she tried to blame it on me saying I dumped her and in front of all my friends when I heard this I laughed I found it funny but I died a little more . When I met her I wanted to help her she was struggling and I wanted to help we ending up kissing and going out soon after I was happy for three months for that time the void felt full but now it's as empty as ever I have tried to become friends again I even bought her a energy drink before class but now she is dead to me I can't tell if I hate her or if I don't care she is now dating a drug addict who smokes weed all day SHE DUMPED ME FOR ME SMOKING AND SHE DATED A POTHEAD . I felt so betrayed today I caught myself hurting her and her boyfriend she has left me alone like every other girl I want to feel whole again I need to find something I hate the feeling of emptiness.
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If she dumped you even after you bought her an energy drink then it's time to move on man. Most girls would kill for a guy who buys them energy drinks.

life does'nt end for anyone be calm

Weed does not kill you, and it is not nearly as bad as how people make it out seem like. If anything a pot head is healthier than an alcoholic, your less than likely to get psychologically addicted to real marijuana. When you use pot on a daily basis for your emptiness, that should be when it becomes a problem and not once in a while. Well I think your both partly at fault. She's bringing out the worst in your while your also letting the thought of her bring out the worst in you. If she's causing you pain than you shouldn't have to pay any attention tp her or be there when she needs you, unless it is a life or death circumstance. What you should strive for is your happiness and moving on from this relationship that caused you sadness but also learning from it so it will not happen again with the next individual. Also do not go into a relationship wanting to help someone who is troubled as it shows that it will fail, this ex was a result of it, control your every desire. Figure yourself out before looking into someone or else you will try to find yourself within them.

Thank you again for the awesome advice but honestly I think that was the answer I really wanted to hear. Ill just let time help me get over her. I guess she just wasn't the right girl I'm tempted to give up on relationships entirely honestly after this.

I think you shouldn't give up on a getting and finding a healthy relationship entirely...but it should not be your main objective to look forward to.

It usually isn't but I have had a long history of empty kisses and fake love so far I know I'm young but I have only been in one serious relationship which I broke off due to depression but I'm better now but this time I fell for a girl who cant even help herself and I cared about her before we dated but I guess that what happens when you allow someone close to heart

Well when you allow the person that is not suitable and or fit enough to be close to your heart. Sorry for the late reply was helping a friend.

Well only when*

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