Weekend In The Country - Friday

Last Thursday I decided to visit my new best friends, over the coming weekend. up in the wilds of Lincolnshire. I rang Alice, and she squealed with delight when she realized it was me, and squealed again when I told her that I intended to visit them for the weekend. I didn't ask if it was convenient for them, which I suppose was a little callous, but in this relationship I definitely have the upper hand, as, in fact, I do in most of my relationships. It's a pretty long drive from London to North Lincs, so i set off at about mid day Friday, and without pushing too hard, arrived at Alice and John's cottage in time for pre-dinner drinks. Alice immediately grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the stairs, I just love that kind of enthusiasm. She called over her shoulder to John, reminding him to bring us drinks first, then cook dinner. He seemed rather subdued, I imagine because he had had no idea that his cuckold fantasy would get him into this situation, and I suspect he had been thinking that my superb sex with his wife in Devon was a one off. She was far too fantastic in bed for me to make it a one night stand, and besides, I was really enjoying humiliating John as well. Once in their bedroom, Alice pretty much tore my clothes off me, and then shrugged off her dress to reveal her gorgeous naked body underneath, and jumped onto the bed and spread her legs. Not wanting to spoil the moment, I dove on top of her and offered my **** to her hot wet opening, and just pushed right in, hard and fast, right to the bottom of her vagina, lightly tapping her cervix, before I set up a strong ******* rhythm. Alice loved it, and kept yelling for me to **** her, which I did, enthusiastically, both of us getting closer to a very fast climax, Alice yelling and me grunting, until neither of us could hold back any longer and we came together, rutting like wild animals, then slowing, letting our climaxes finish thoroughly, then stopped moving altogether. I lay on top of her, kissing her lips gently, nibbling her ears, kissing her nipples, while she kept telling me how much she'd missed me, and how fantastic I am. There was a tentative knock on the door, and Alice called for John to come in. I just lay there, my **** still just inside her, both of us sweating, and while John put the drinks beside us on the bedside cabinets, Alice wrapped her legs around mine, and started to kiss me. Poor John, he must have been gutted to see his wife with my spent **** inside of her. After driving for hours, and then that fantastically energetic ****, I was definitely wilting, and unless Alice was going to feed me viagra, I was going to need a break, so we rolled apart and grabbed our drinks. G & T for her and Whisky for me, a nice Ardbeg, 10 yrs old, I read on the bottle which John had obediantly left next to my drink. For a while we just chatted about mundane things, then I went to have a shower. My lover came into the bathroom, still naked, and watched me shower, sitting on the closed toilet. Once dried I put on some clean clothes, and Alice slipped on a tiny thong, as she said I was leaking out of her, and then the same see through white dress she was wearing when I arrived. We walked down the stairs and found John busy in the kitchen preparing our meal. He didn't speak or even look at us, which annoyed Alice, as she obviously wanted to goad him some more. She told me very pointedly that she had given him a choice after I rang, that he either obeyed all her instructions while I was there, or he would find himself in a chastity cage for the rest of his life. She then instructed him that he had to thank me for visiting, to admit that he was no longer allowed sex with his wife, but had to **** instead, and that she allowed him to lick her to ****** when she got horny. He followed her directions, as well as he could, but I could see his eyes were filling with tears as he said the words. I asked Alice if she was allowing him to ********** whenever he wanted to, and she admitted that she was. I suggested that we assess John's performance at the end of the weekend, and decide then about the chastity cage. John begged, but Alice agreed with me, saying it was a good chance for John to show how contented he is with his new life. John served us an excellent dinner, and afterwards my lover and I kissed and cuddled on the sofa, having a couple of glasses of Armangac before bed. Eventually, we climbed the stairs and slipped between the sheets, making love with our hands and lips, gently and slowly, savouring the sensuous sensations we were giving each other, until I felt my lover increasing in her urgency prompting me to start some serious finger work on her ****, bringing her to a powerful ******. As her waves subsided she went down my body and took my semi hard **** into her mouth, firming it up quickly with her tongue, and as she kept up her sucking, licking, stroking and then started flicking her tongue under the sensitive head of my penis, she drove me inexorably to a fantastic climax, pumping pulse after pulse of ***** into her mouth. Once I'd finished she moved back up the bed and french kissed me, letting me consume most of my own ****. She giggled and rolled off me, telling me that she loved doing that to me. I was so exhausted, that I didn't complain, just fell into a deep and satisfied sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a great day
djonlothario djonlothario
46-50, M
May 23, 2012