Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, "How is it possible for someone to be so ugly?!" Why can't natural selection do its job and get rid of people like me? It's really unfair. I'm surrounded by pretty girls every day in high school that I will never look like and it kills me inside. I only get called pretty by people over 30. I'm just really ugly. And being insecure does NOT help. I have bad skin, a weird chin. And I won't even get started on my nose. It's disgusting. I hate the way I look. I'm getting plastic surgery when I turn 18 because nobody deserves to look as bad as me and have my very bad self-esteem. I'm also really sick of being compared to my "gorgeous" older sister and my "beautiful" younger sister.
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I am sure you're not that bad. Try to see the good part of your looks, not just the bad one. You might have pretty legs, hair etc. You don't have to be as pretty as Cinderella to be attractive. Just focus on doing your hair, wearing pretty clothes and putting on makeup. Maybe ask your older sisters to help you with that or your friends. I am sure you will like what you'll see in the mirror after that. I wish you good luck!

No one is ugly there is just a thing called ugly society. You have to see inside of you and realize that you're beyond beautiful. Beauty is confidence kindness and love. Not make up and fakeness.

I don't have to deal with high schoolers but have to deal with people at work. Makes me feel awful. I feel your pain.

Beauty, like you said, is something you can shape. Good looking people don't work on it because they just have the "gift" so it is difficult for them to understand that they could work on other sides of beauty. Those are the beauty sides that help people in work/study career, friendship, love, and life in general. They are not that connected with the external beauty, but if it helps you a little change (surgery) could make you feel confident, like you said.
People are not blind.

Thanks for the great advice! I will seriously take this into consideration. But I think my personality is less beautiful than my face :(. And although, I am intelligent, my school grades are just average. But thanks anyways! :)

so work on personality, that is what I am trying to do, and it is really difficult but it is a good way to know yourself.

Yup, I'm seeing a therapist for that, thanks :P