I Look In The Mirror...

... And I think I look normal/average/not ugly... But then I think "Well I'm looking from my point of view, I've been seeing my face in the mirror for all my life, I can live with how I look. I'm more concerned about how others see me." So.. I try to look at myself differently, and I see all my flaws... I don't like my picture being taken unless I like photoshop it first or something, lol

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

You two are, in general, better off than me and a lot of other people. You see yourself in the mirror and what you see isn't that bad. I look in the mirror and although I know I don't look ugly, I feel like it because I keep comparing myself to models and actors and eventually see myself as ugly. How can I be attractive when beautiful creatures are plastered everywhere?

Yeah, you know I feel the same way. How I look in the mirror to myself I feel is different than how others see me in person. Sometimes I look in the mirror and seem to look not that bad, but then I have to remember that others probably see me differently in person, so I can never really know how secure I should be with what I'm actually portraying to others, and it tends to gnaw at me.