"I Am Insecure Around Rich People"

I have always been insecure around rich people. I have never lived a financially secure life. I guess some people would say I am on the poor side of the tracks. I have worked for Doctors whose employees and patients were well to do. I can tell you that yes I did feel like I was judged. I didn't wear the expensive clothes or drive a fancy car like the other girls at the office did. The office manager's husband was rude to me last year at our Christmas party. She and her husband are very well off. I introduced myself to him and he just turned his back on me and walked away. He made me feel like he was better than me and above speaking to me. I never told anyone but it really hurt my feelings. She (the office manager) used to give me a stare down at work like I wasn't looking fancy enough for her or the rest of the office. I always went to work well groomed and clean but I didn't have the money to keep up with what everyone else was wearing. This is only one of many experiences I have had with people who had money. I was discrimminated against at one job years ago because I had to have a boss fill out a form for Social Services for my sons Medicaid. She made comments to me about how people like me abuse the system. Not much you can do in the good ole Commonwealth of Virginia! This is a right to work state. Employers have all the rights and the employees have little to none. You can try to file discrimmination charges but it is almost impossible to prove! My mom's husband is well off but not a generous man by any means. He has said things about me needing goverment assistance before too. My ex husband does not and has never paid child support and I don't even know where he is. I am a single parent and the cost of living where I am is through the roof so yes I live in whats called subsidised housing because it is the only way I can put a roof over my and my sons head. I have people "rich people" look down on me for that too.
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these people do not worth your time to even think about,ignore them,they are mean.

I hear ya. Some of them can be so cultured beyond what the average persons upbringing has to offer that you might feel out of place.

You just wrote the perfect story on why NOT to feel insecure around rich people. I lived my first 18 years of life with wealth, and because of people like those you just wrote about I ran like hell at the age of 18. My parents are disgusted that I am not a doctor or lawyer, but someone who chose to work in a shelter for abused women and children. It was like somehow I DISGRACED them and slapped them in the face. Your employers sound like careless IDIOTS!! NOT all wealthy people are jerks, but so far I haven't found a shallow one yet!! Sorry people, but this is my expierence so far, but I know there are caring wealthy people out there. As for your clothes etc.... they can all go to hell, I bet you have MORE character than any of their pathetic coutier outfits. Next time you feel judged, CHALLENGE THEM!! If you think they are giving you the once over regarding your clothing, ask them point blank, if your clothing offends them OR do they love it and wonder where they can get the outfit? TRUST me they will feel so pathetic because they got *CAUGHT* regarding their shallow judgements. Tell them if they LIKE it where they can get it, and if they don't a raise could solve the problem. Smile and walk away with your head held high!!