I Could Lie...

I have not figured out how to be 100% confident in myself.  I know that what other people think really should not matter...it is their opinion not mine.  I know that when someone is making up stories that it doesn't do much to argue because, in the end, they are going to believe what they choose to believe regardless of "the truth."  Someone said to me recently that "There are three sides to every story, my side, their side and the truth."  That makes sense.  No one wants to be wrong....and I think that is why people are so apt to contort something to make themselves look better....or if they want sympathy...to play the victim.  I don't crave that attention...but I know that I do not have as much faith in myself as I should have.  I realize I am working towards something.  Some days I am more optimistic than others.  Eventually I will get it right.  It can be a challenge to live up to other people's expectations but it is almost impossible to live up to my own.
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2 Responses Nov 14, 2010

often we are tougher on ourselves than others. it's hard to be confident all the time. maybe you can get to a place where you're okay that you're not confident all the time,if that makes sense. i remember finally deciding to not be so embarrassed about being embarrassed so much....because i'm clumsy and awkward at times,and i think that's just life. so i triy to laugh. i succeed sometimes!

think you set your sites to high old ex<x>pression try climbing cliff before mountain,don't live up to otheer peoples expectation as your life is yours not thiers,hope this might have helped