I can't seem to shake the feeling that everyone is watching everything I do, and thinking to themselves, god what a loser everything he does is WRONG. I think that too most of the time--how can I possibly do anything right. I know it's not necessarily true but that's how I feel about it.
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Well thats exactly how I felt sometimes. And that feeling makes me even more anxious and start messing things up. Maybe you can try putting less pressure on yourself. We cant always be right. So what if I get things wrong? We can never please everybody at the same time.

i know what you mean, and believe me i do a lot of things wrong. i am spontaneous but clumsy, and talkative but the wrong things come out of my mouth sometimes. u cannot undo anything , the only way to deal with it is either laugh about it or do better next time, and yes, there is always a next time :) you are definately tryng hard to meet expectations and that means you are improving the way you function allready . you are just worried abut dissapointing , and along the way some people might be dissapointed by you because theyre image of what you should do is unrealistic. what you have to do first is think of youre flaws, because some of what you consider youre flaw are a quality.

I'm that way. I know as a kid that I had ample amounts of confidence, but as I've gotten older I've become much more insecure, especially when I'm around my peers. Part of it, I'm sure, is just the fact that I AM growing up, but I still can't help feeling envious of my friends who ARE more secure and self-confident. I try to push myself to do more things or think more positive thoughts, so (hopefully) over time I'll lose that insecurity.

I used to feel the same way, but then I remembered that i'm KICK ***!<br />
Bwaahahahahahahaha<br />

Ive used to have the same problem. With time, Ive figured out. I was too anxious, all my actions in my mind, made me think people were watching me, and that took my self confidence to low levels, AND MADE ME NERVOUS. A solution, depends, for me, doing sports helps a lot, you socialize and then your confidence problem can decrease. If not, try relaxing more, there are a lot of methods to do so. If you think people are judging you, try being more relaxed, that way you can forget about it and if somenone is judging you, she or he might see you differently. Most likely, nobody is judging you, but because of your same actions, you believe others are watching you closely

I feel the exact same way, I always feel like I'm being constantly judged on every single little detail. It makes me even more nervous and feel like there's even more things I'm not doing right because of it.

I feel that way a lot too, especially when I'm at school. I feel like my "peers" are always judging me even when they don't know me.