Broken Toy Or Misfit.

I feel like a misfit in toy land. I have always been insecure about me and what I can do. I relate more to broken people. I have always had strange feelings, from anxiety/depression. I dream vivid dreams. I feel like I could never get anything right. I was always aware of my feelings and have a great memory of my past. My sister is not talking to me now because I said something stupid. I don't know what life is about, pain suffering. My dad wears a diaper and uses a colostamy bag. I help and I do my best. I wish I could snap my fingers and everything would be ok. I do take my dad out back in his electric wheelchair and he enjoys it. I have been watering the plants, sooooooooooooo hot. no rain.  Thanks for listening.
AlnAlli AlnAlli
46-50, M
2 Responses Jul 17, 2011

Thanks all for your comments. Thanks Rickie. It finally rained today....yay.

I feel for you, because I have similar feelings. <br />
Of course you are no misfit! You help your father and make him feel better that means, that you are a good son to him.<br />
Try to talk to your sister and explain what you've meant. I don't think that you've hurted her on purpose. <br />
If you need someone to talk, just send a pm. I'll be there for you! (((hugs)))