What The Hell

Friends can be stupid sometimes.

I am definitely not one to get in a fight with your friends, in fact I hate having them so much that I usually just end up siding with them to avoid it all together. But then, stuff like this happens:

I go to a restaurant with my friend to celebrate National Pancake Day, because, well... It's National Pancake Day and you get free pancakes. We go there and I'm ready to have a good time but then he sees his friend from another school and decides that we should get a table for 6 instead of the 2 that we had originally planned. I'm all down with meeting new people, but he didn't ask me if this was okay. We sit down and he just talks to his friends the whole time without even talking to me and I was just sitting there by myself...
I left early because it was so disrespectful.

I didn't even want to think about it, then he texts me later asking if everything was all right which I thought was really nice of him and we kind of figured things out and talked it over... but I still felt like he didn't know the gravity of the situation or what he had done. I go to school the next day and he acts like nothing happened which is usually fine with me, I still wanted an "I'm sorry for what happened last night" but I never got it.

Then I start trying to make jokes and be happy and what not and he acts like he's better than me, like he is some perfect Christ-like and that other peoples' lives aren't good until he changes them. Still expecting me to change even though what HE did was mean and wrong. 

News Flash dude: YOU AREN'T PERFECT.

He is also super popular so he's all over my social networking sites and every one of his brain washed fans are liking all of his stuff just because his is quick witted and makes people who hang out with him feel super smart.

I've had enough, and I need to hang out with people who aren't trying to change me.

TheListener224 TheListener224
Feb 29, 2012