A Dangerous Love Story.

I'm not very emotional.But one day I was fall in love with a girl when I was in class ten.One day I propose her and she was agree to create a relationship with me.I loved her very very much.But she was greedy.We are not very rich but we can continue our life clearly.I mean no need a large amount of money.I always spent all of my money with her. My father is a business man and my mother is a service holder.One day my mother had no money and she wanted money from me but I couldn't. Because I had no money.The Next day my mother wanted 0.25$ from me But I couldn't give her.On the other site the girl are talking some different boy's from her sell-phone.I brought this phone and give her.She was so claver then me..At the last time I knew that she didn't love me, She loved my money and now she found one who has a large money then me......
bosspublic bosspublic
22-25, M
Apr 27, 2012