I Hate Myself

I'm so insecure! I look in q mirrior and what do I see? Fat, ugly, weird looking girl stauring at me. I wish I had confidece but with pretty friends, and always being unpopular its hard to have that. One look at me I feel discussted . I hate my self I try to change my look but no I still look the same ugly self I have no self confidence if I think I look ugly one day I hide from eveyone and hide myself so they don't have to see me. I look at girjs who can look Gorgous w.o. makeup while I have to or ill not walk into school. No guys even look at me when I dress up for school. I hate myself wish I was a prettier person
crazyonex13 crazyonex13
18-21, F
2 Responses May 9, 2012

I'm sure you're overreacting. Hell, I wasn't popular in school, nor did I even get a girlfriend while I was at school, but I honestly don't care. People are vain and cruel, and to be perfectly honest if they haven't got a nice opinion of you then they're pretty much worthless to even consider. <br />
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From your avatar you're a great looking girl and guys at school tend to look for girls who are easy as well as overly fake looking.

well if that's u in ur avatar i think ur cute