What If.....

Well im Insecure well everyone is idk why i feel these way i never felt like these before i remember last year i felt way better i always keep thinking one day is all going to go away and i  will have an amazing boyfriend that will love me i have great friends i dont think im ugly but i have some imperfections i know everyone does but not everything can be fix. The only thing that helps me is that im positive and i dont bring myselft down i always try to see the other side of things . I kno im still young but what if i feel like these forever . I'm just trying  to accept myself now days you can fix yourself or face by nose jobs or plastic surgery or injections but if i do that one day  i would feel like i gave up or fake and i mean God made us like  these
Lilypurple16 Lilypurple16
May 12, 2012